My name is Cory and I am the founder of ibogaSOS. I’ve been an Ibogaine provider for over 12 years and with the help from my kindred brothers, we created this website.

The purpose of the website is to provide a safe place to connect, discuss and learn about iboga / ibogaine. We also want to provide access to the most sustainable, high-quality iboga root bark extract we can find for treating addiction and other spiritual/physical diseases. We managed to connect with other like-minded individuals in Cameroon and Gabon to source our iboga extract. They work with villages to harvest root that ranges in age from 15-25 years old.

Part of the profits from the sale of this iboga returns directly back into the village, promoting and supporting local traditional healing, education, and protection of this sacred plant. We want to not just share and protect the iboga plant, but also the culture, medicine and traditional knowledge that surround it. I hope that this website can help you or someone you know in healing.
Bassé !

Ibogaine is not a silver bullet and is not recommended for everyone. An Ibogaine flood dose on its own is a very difficult experience for anyone to have to go through, but after saying that, I would highly recommend it to anyone that might require it. I took Ibogaine 12 years ago for the first time to beat a 2 pack a day nicotine habit; I haven’t touched a cigarette since. I am not a doctor, medical professional and I am not making any medical claims, recommendations, or prescriptions. I am just sharing my experiences with Iboga and Ibogaine. I just want everyone to be able to access this amazing plant medicine and to spread the word to as many people as possible. I have provided successfully for chemical substance addiction, PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, and Crohn’s Disease. Iboga and its alkaloids have not been studied properly and there is still much to be learned about the Iboga plant and all the healing powers that this plant may possess that have yet to be discovered. I hope to preserve the plant, the Bwiti tradition, and their plant knowledge and also share this magical medicine with the world.



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This is a question which will be very difficult to truly sum up with mere words, but allow me to attempt…. Ummm, trippy.

Yes, trippy to say the least. Here’s the best way I can explain it. I was about 10 years into a nasty drug habit. I had been to rehab 3 times (Kicked out of all 3 rehabs); Jailed on more than 1 occasion for substance related offences; Spent countless days in detox; spent countless days in withdrawal; Been on methadone and Suboxone; graduated from percs to fentanyl. I had been on every end of the addiction spectrum. I had been clean for a couple months when Covid hit in early 2020. The following months of isolation and uncertainty led me straight back to the familiar grip of addiction to opiods. I moved out from living with my baby mom’s and into my Dad’s. He was aware of my addiction but not to what extent. He was the one who actually came to me after researching Ibogaine online. We watched some videos on it (links at the bottom) and he even found some places offering treatment in Mexico. We thought it would be a good idea and we started looking for an avenue to take it. I didn’t have 10k to drop on an expensive Mexican clinic and I began looking into self dosing.


The name Bwiti represents a kaleidoscope of traditions that are mainly existing in Gabon. The majority of the Bwiti peoples are Bantous (Akele, Apindji, Tsoghos, Puvi, Punu, Vili, and Fang) but those traditions originate from the pygmies, who gave it to Bantous some 500 years ago. The common theme of these traditions are initiations with the sacred iboga wood and the many symbolic similarities in rituals.

Archeological evidence tells us that the root bark found around traditional fire camps in Gabon after being carbon dated is over 10, 000 years old. It is also theorized that the pygmy tradition greatly interested the pharaohs and influenced Egyptian tradition during its inception. Thus Bwiti can be seen as a very ancient tradition whose roots have a direct connection to modern-day Christian tradition. In modern-day Gabon, there are three dominant Bwiti practices found in the temple. They are made up of the Ngonde, Mioba, and Mimbiri traditions.

Politics of Iboga in Gabon

The claim of iboga disappearing from Gabon was made by a report on iboga sold to the Gabonese state around 2012. The report was sourced from a collection of claims made on the web. It is true that in some places where the Iboga is easily reached there has been a dramatic increase in unsustainable harvesting, like near villages and in some accessible bush parts.

What also is true, is that in National Parks and areas in more remote areas of Gabon, there can be found an abundance of wild and mature Iboga plants growing and thriving in their natural environment. Gabon is a very resource-rich country but is still very undeveloped. In recent years there has been an ongoing exodus of people leaving their villages and communities for Libreville, due to the current economic situation.


Hi. My name is Cory and I am an Iboga and Ibogaine provider. I have over and over again witnessed the impact that trauma and addiction have taken on individuals, their families, and friends. It’s like a self- replicating hurt that doesn’t seem to heal but instead prolificates more pain and mistrust. Ibogaine interrupts this cycle and allows the individual to face and confront past trauma while avoiding the expected withdrawal symptoms and future cravings.

Physical Symptoms

When an individual receives a flood dose the first noticeable effect is the withdrawal symptoms go away and the next effect is a “buzzing” sound in the room that the individual will hear. The buzzing sound soon is heard inside the ear and ataxia starts to take effect. The person will need to lay down as horizontally as possible to relieve nausea that the ataxia can cause. Ataxia is like losing the ability to balance, stand up, speak and you also lose your hand-eye coordination. The person taking the flood dose will need someone to “babysit” for the 8-12 hour period that the ataxia lasts to provide water or assist in using the bathroom. Every person who takes Ibogaine will have different symptoms at different times.


Remote Iboga TA Flood Dose

A remote Iboga TA flood dose consists of a test dose, flood dose, reserve Iboga TA, all in gel capsules. Each treatment is specific to both the body weight of the individual and reason for treatment. I provide support via text, phone, Telegram or WhatsApp before, during and after treatment. I guide you through your experience with Iboga and I explain in detail what to expect and give insights into the experience itself so that you can take it safely and with confidence.

Each treatment will vary with every individual. It takes usually 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs for the journey to begin. The waking dream is 6-8 hrs in real time. This is followed by 24 hrs of reflection. The insomnia can last from 3-6 days (with opiate resets) as an action of the Iboga. Only one treatment is required for any addiction. Shipping and tracking is included and we guarantee delivery.

Providing and SupervisionFlood DoseUSD2000

Iboga Root Bark (15-25 yr old root)

Our Iboga root is fair trade sourced directly from the villages of Gabon. This direct trade of root provides direct income to the villages and in turn access to resources and services; allowing all the traditional practices related to Iboga to continue and thrive. Iboga is a spirit medicine for the world. It’s promotion and protection is imperative.

The root form of Iboga is excellent for focus, mood improvement, energy, anti depressive effect, weight loss and over all general health improvement. I recommend 500mg per day for 3 days on and then 3 days off or any variation of that pattern. Shipping and tracking is included and I guarantee delivery.

Providing and Supervision15-25 yr old RootUSD420


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