My name is Cory and I am an ibogaine provider based in Canada. I provide my services generally in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada, but I will travel if required. If you are in an area where you are not financially able to receive a flood dose in person, I will ship the dose, instructions for dosing and telephone/email support when required. I also sell high quality fairtrade Iboga Root Bark, TA and PTA to providers and clinics. I only provide flood doses with Iboga PTA and TA extracts.

Please contact me directly for prices per/gram for TA, Root Bark or PTA extract

It is my dream that one day Iboga will be known to the world as the plant that changed the definition of addiction forever. I have seen with my own eyes the potential this plant has to heal the world. In a world filled with trauma and pain, Iboga is like a light of hope for physical and spirtual healing. It is our plan to create a discussion forum and feedback page for providers and receivers as we develop this site/forum.

Please be patient with us if we are late to respond to questions. There is a huge demand and just a few people to respond. We are also looking at organizing trips for groups to visit both Gabon and Cameroon to receive traditional healing ceremony. We will post these opportunities as they develop. I hope this website if anything has been a helpful resource to learn more about Iboga and all it’s different forms.