Remote Iboga TA Flood Dose

A remote Iboga TA flood dose consists of a test dose, flood dose, reserve Iboga TA, all in gel capsules. Each treatment is specific to both the body weight of the individual and reason for treatment. I provide support via text, phone, Telegram or WhatsApp before, during and after treatment. I guide you through your experience with Iboga and I explain in detail what to expect and give insights into the experience itself so that you can take it safely and with confidence.

Each treatment will vary with every individual. It takes usually 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs for the journey to begin. The waking dream is 6-8 hrs in real time. This is followed by 24 hrs of reflection. The insomnia can last from 3-6 days (with opiate resets) as an action of the Iboga. Only one treatment is required for any addiction. Shipping and tracking is included and we guarantee delivery.

Providing and SupervisionFlood DoseUSD2000

Iboga Root Bark (15-25 yr old root)

Our Iboga root is fair trade sourced directly from the villages of Gabon. This direct trade of root provides direct income to the villages and in turn access to resources and services; allowing all the traditional practices related to Iboga to continue and thrive. Iboga is a spirit medicine for the world. It’s promotion and protection is imperative.

The root form of Iboga is excellent for focus, mood improvement, energy, anti depressive effect, weight loss and over all general health improvement. I recommend 500mg per day for 3 days on and then 3 days off or any variation of that pattern. Shipping and tracking is included and I guarantee delivery.

Providing and Supervision15-25 yr old RootUSD420


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